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Harvest Time Activity, Student Running Sawmill (in black), 2012 Bruce Grey Forest Fesstival

Hands-On Activities!

The Bruce Grey Forest Festival has 32 hands-on, interactive activity centres that are educational and fun for elementary school students.

Our goal is for students to enjoy themselves using cross-curricular skills to learn about our forest resources and the interconnections with the environment.

The festival will motivate students to become forest stewards within their home environment and their community. By combining hands-on, interactive activities with messages relevant to their daily lives, students will develop an understanding of the need to manage our forest resources sustainably and for the long-term benefit of our citizens and the stewardship of our environment.

With this information, students will become aware of the value of conserving and protecting forests. Plus, all activities have been designed to readily integrate with the year-round classroom curriculum.

Activity Centres are:

  • Interactive, interesting and entertaining for students
  • Designed with the New Ontario Curriculum learning expectations in mind
  • Delivering specific messages which are clearly relevant to and easily identifiable by students
  • Activities that bridge the gap between scientific and environmental issues, daily routines and objects
  • Designed to optimize student learning by ensuring low facilitator to student rations (1:10)

Key Themes include:

  • Forest Ecosystems and Interactions
  • Forest Resources
  • Biodiversity and Species at Risk
  • Stewardship and Conservation
  • Climate Change
Seed to Tree Activity, Bruce Grey Forest Festival 2012

Bird Studies 101 Activity, Bruce Grey Forest Festival 2012









Urban Umbrella Activity, Bruce Grey Forest Festival 2012
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